Horse Box Bar

In October 2017 we randomly saw an old tatty Rice Horsebox for sale somewhere down south! For some crazy reason we decided to send a trailer for it and so the journey began.

We had a timeframe in mind of early Summer 2018, but dates came and went as did the months. Everything that could go wrong did and usually twice. But now 20 months later we are finally finished.

Around 90% of the work was done by myself and Tony and as we have little in the way of DIY skills we really had to learn on the job.

There were rows, disagreements, injuries and many, many hours of sheer hard Labour.

But also the odd laugh in between to lighten the mood, usually at our own stupidity at whatever task we were trying and failing to get done.

We tried to re use and recycle lots of items. The side bar is covered with old wooden pallets and the odd bed slat to fit in the gaps. The work tops were rough scaffold planks. Each took hours of sanding to get them to their present condition and now are so lovely I’d like them in my kitchen next!!!

So we’re ready for you to book us for whatever party you are throwing.

Whether it’s an engagement, Wedding, birthday, Christening, corporate event. Or you’re just having a family get together and need a bar providing at your house. Please let us know and we can give you the details regarding the various hiring options available.

So if it’s a Gin bar, Prosecco bar, Cocktail bar, local ales or a regular bar. We can tailor make a package to suit whatever you have in mind.

The Renovation

The Results!